{Review} Aroma Sushi Buffet

A sushi buffet is an interesting concept where you have a made-to-order system and if executed well, it would be a very interesting experience. If there is a chink in the system, however, all hell breaks loose. The end result would be inefficiency, nervous wait staff and angry birds customers…worst case scenario anyway.

When we arrived a few minutes before noon, the place was empty of customers and the wait staff were busy chatting to each other. We were briskly seated and menus were whipped out. The one thing that we noticed immediately was the heat. Damn, the place was hot and stuffy. Apparently the air conditioning was switched off.

We were told that we only have 1 hour for lunch and quite rudely that all leftover food would be charged AUD3.00 per item. Golly.

The first dish arrived and it looked like that. With salmon and avocado in the name, you would expect more than two minuscule silvers of both in the dish. Haha.

The rest of the dishes were lacklustre as well. The takoyaki were greasy with non-existent octopus, the sushi rice was hard and dry and the edemame was slimy, cold and bland. Ick.

Overall, I would say AUD13.80 for a buffet lunch is pretty cheap but as for the value – rude wait staff, poor quality food and mediocre ambiance – I am happy to say that I shall not return any time soon.

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Aroma Japanese Cuisine Restaurant| Level 1 39 Gouger Street, Adelaide 5000 SA| (08) 8231 1188