A long overdue greeting

It has been exactly a month since I have last updated. Shame on me. I do have a legitimate reason though – I am currently not in Adelaide. I have not been since the past month and I will not be in the next two and a half weeks as well. The reason? Uni placements. My coursemate and I have been placed in Whyalla for seven weeks to complete our Community and Public Health placements, one of the three lots of placements that we need to pass this year to finally reach the shining end of my study life. Basically, we were sent here to learn and boy do we have to learn fast!

Whyalla is basically nothing much but the red sand, pollution from the mines and OneSteel, the main mining company that actually allowed Whyalla to be put on the map. This place is pretty much a drag but on the upside, almost everyone I met here has been utterly friendly and wonderful so that makes staying here much more bearable.

I have a lot of things to share but they will have to wait just a wee bit longer until I have a bit more time. Stay tuned yo! 🙂