{Review} The Adelaide Abortion

Atomic Bomb? Afterbirth? Abortion? What does ‘AB’ really stand for? Whatever the true abbreviation spells out, this is certainly an interesting dish.

There are many interesting theories surrounding the legendary AB. One of the most commonly cited ones was that a group of medical students, drunk and hungry after a big night out, asked for some yiros and chips. They decided to combine them and doused them with yiros sauce and ketchup. The end result looked like an abortion.

The name stuck. The dish certainly has too. Out of curiosity, we headed off to hunt for this dish last Friday. Nowadays, two places battle it out for the best title of the best AB in town. Both shops are literally a stone’s throw from each other – Blue and White Cafe and Burger Bar Cafe. We decided on the former with guidance from plenty of favourable reviews.

Service was prompt as the workers worked like a well-oiled machine, each assigned to their own specific tasks. It was entertaining to watch them. As it was equally fascinating to note the seemingly never-ending flow of clientele. Professionals in nifty suits, teenagers ready for a big night, middle-aged couples hungry for a meal.

Our single-portion chicken and lamb combination barbeque AB arrived heavily doused with ketchup, barbeque sauce and a smaller amount of garlic sauce. The first thought that struck me was how…normal…it looked. After hearing and reading about the many passionate descriptions of the AB’s grotesqueness, the piled plastic plate in front of us was strangely underwhelming.

This interestingly ugly pile of food in front of me smelled exactly like what it was essentially – kebab and chips. Greasy, salty and vegetable-free, the health nuts in us were in for a hell of a guilt trip. Guffaws. We dislodged our flimsy plastic forks in anticipation and dug in. The first mouthful was a bit each of chips, sauce and kebab meat. Sweet, salty, tangy and slightly garlicky. It was far from the best food that I have tasted but it was pretty okay. As we ate, we chatted about our week and polished the plate clean. One thing we both agree most definitely on was that it needed much more garlic sauce for a greater ‘kick’.

Overall, we left with half-full stomachs (blame it on the absence of vegetables) and satiated curiosities. Mission accomplished.

Was it a novel experience? Yes. Was it worth $7 for a full meal? Maybe. Will we come back? Probably not.

For some experiences, just once will do the job. The AB falls in this category. If you are in Adelaide, I would recommend that you try it, just for the heck of it of course!

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Blue and White Cafe| 43 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide 5006 SA | (08) 8267 2243