{Review} Mama Mia @ Lucia’s

The third in the ongoing Fabulicious Friday installment. The second would be the AB but the first is lurking somewhere in my massive backlog. Fabulicious Friday is the light at the end of our tunnel of work/ placements/ study. Selecting an eatery somewhere in the beginning of the week, we anticipate for Friday to come for the good food that entail. The thought of good food gets us through Monday blues, Tuesday troubles, mid-week crisis Wednesdays and drag Thursdays. What a brilliant idea!

So the site of this week’s Fabulicious Friday was Lucia’s Pizza & Spaghetti Bar at the Adelaide Central Markets. We attempted to arrange a booking a few days ago but to no avail as they have a first-come-first-serve style.

We arrived at half past six for dinner and the place was already packed and hopping with hungry diners. Lucia’s actually consist of the restaurant and a fine food store, situated next to each other. Little orange tables and a random assortment of chairs were crammed into the restaurant and spilled outside, sprawling across three shop fronts. The clientele was a hodgepodge of everybody under the sun, with a great proportion of locals. After standing around for about ten minutes, we nabbed a table and happily settled in to ordering our dinner.

A very short while after placing an order at the bar, our dessert strangely arrived first. Hazelnut tiramisu was scribbled on the specials board and of course we could not resist! After repeatedly claiming that the dessert was ‘beautiful! Really really beautiful!’, the waitress glided away. I could smell the rich chocolate even before I tasted it. Layered with coffee soaked sponge and creamy mascarpone, then topped with crunchy hazelnut and chocolate shards, this was one dessert that I would definitely NOT mind having before and after my meal! The tagliatelle A’vongole came next. Homemade pasta, cooked al dente doused with a clammy tomato sauce and loaded with baby clams. I am in heaven.  There was also a tagliatelle carbonara. We loved our perfect tagliatelle but was slightly confused with the carbonara. The egg was scrambled and there was a heap of crispy bacon. This particular dish reminded us of char kway tiaw at home. Interesting. Although it was not the carbonara that we expected, it was good stuff anyway. We happily gobbled it all up.

There was also a spinach and ricotta ravioli with pesto but as Polardriod-edited pictures are harsh on green and lumpy stuff, I decided to not share that nightmare with everyone. BUT. It was a smashing dish! What a joy to wipe the plate clean! Bags of flavour and once again, perfect pasta.

What a great way to end the week: wonderful company and sublime food. Hop by to Lucia’s the next time you are in town. They do breakfasts too! Oh, did I mention that they are really quite affordable too?


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Lucia’s Pizza & Spaghetti Bar | Western Mall Shop 1-2 Gouger Street Adelaide 5000 | (08) 8231 2303