Awesome weekend

It was rainy, gloomy and stinking cold but Malaysian Carnival 2011 was a blast! Our gang of seven totally owned a stall and totally had a smashing time. Balik Kampung was the name, meaning going home. Oh what a glorious experience: we ran out of muah chee at 1pm (the event was supposed to finish by 4pm) and one of the guys had to run across the road to get more glutinous flour to make fresh batches.

The highlight of the day, however, was meeting none other than Chef Wan! How starstruck we were! There he was, larger than life, our most famous Malaysian chef. Teehee!

Side note: I just dusted off my last placement of the year at the end of last week. Graduation is within sight! Exciting times. Updates will come more regularly I believe. Stay tuned! 🙂