Belated Moony Fest

I am really over the ‘belated’ stuff, it feels like I’m forever trying to catch up on the current happenings. This post however, is different. I just have to share these babies with the world!

The size of an Australian 50 cent coin and homemade by my grandaunt, these snowskin mooncakes are the cutest little things ever! 

Snowskin mooncakes are a variation of the traditional baked mooncakes, staples for the annual Mid-Autumn Festival or Mooncake Festival or in my words – Moony Fest. I personally prefer homemade snowskin ones. I love their texture and usually when its homemade, the sugar levels are cut. Always a good thing for everyone.

My grandaunt was kind enough to share six of these cuties with us. They came in two flavours: yam and green tea. The yam ones were a little crumbly and being not much of a yam fan, my love lies in the green tea ones. Thanks aunty!

Now, on the commercial side of things, Hong Kong’s MeiXin always comes out on top. I stumbled upon these goodies on special a few weeks ago in the freezer section of an Asian grocer. 

Mango and pamelo ice-cream snowskin mooncakes – the perfect combination. These ones did not have the chance to see the light of the day (literally) as we gobbled them up immediately after opening.


How did you spend your Moony Fest?