No thanks

I have to confess that I am a noodle fanatic, constantly lured by the many different tastes and textures of the humble noodle. It used to be just the plain old wheat, rice or egg noodles. Not anymore. Trolling down the aisles of Asian grocery shops, I constantly find interesting stuff. There is buckwheat – the delicious soba, kombu – low-carb seaweed noods and then there’s tofu.

Tofu noodles.

I don’t think they should even be called noodles. How fragmented they were, the little bits everywhere. I bought a packet out of sheer curiosity. How would it taste like? It would save me some insulin with only 13% carbs, too good to be true?

The packaging was devoid of cooking instructions. The only statement was ‘boil noodles’. Very helpful indeed. The texture was already pretty soft and squishy so I decided to boil it for 2-3 minutes. The result was still soft and squishy so I had no idea if that was how it’s supposed to be. Looking at the minuscule portion, I decided to throw in a packet of Shanghainese wheat ramen. Boy how different both were.

I took a tentative mouthful of the tofu noodles and was unimpressed. They had neither bite nor taste. They were just…blah. The end result was me having to dig around the bowl for tofu bits and finishing them up before settling down to enjoy my bowl of wonderfully springy and tasty wheat noodles.

So much for curiosity.