{Review} The Apothecary 1878

I have to confess, it has been a month and a half since I dined here so my recollections would be slightly fuzzy. My bad.

It was a housemate/friend/coursemate/placement partner’s birthday and knowing her alternative-chic style, I knew this place would be a hit. Situated in the shadier side of town, this restaurant is somewhat a hidden gem. Sandwiched between two dodgy-looking takeaway shops, the quietly elegant facade of The Apothecary 1878 seems truly out of place, especially on weekend nights when the rowdy crowds are most active. 

Stepping inside, we were greeted with friendly staff and a row of beautiful antique medicine cabinets backed up against the wall. These beauties are the reasons behind ‘1878’ as they are originally pieces from London and made 133 years ago.

We were led downstairs into the cellar where the restaurant is situated. Wrought iron, intricately welded, imprisons some 1200 bottles of wine. The ambiance was of history and elegance. Simply delightful to be dining in.

We started off with a sharing plate of cured/smoked duck breast on a bed of lentils, capers and rocket. The duck breast was juicy and tender, with a twang of smokiness and appetite-whetting saltiness. The fresh salad added a nice dimension to the dish while doing a great job cutting through the heaviness of the duck.

The next dish was a roasted pork belly, devoid of pictures as none turned out right with the really dim lighting. I must say, the pork was simply delicious. Melt-in-your-mouth tender and hits the spot perfectly.

The seafood risotto was one of the best I have ever tasted. The rice was cooked to perfection, with a slight bite to the texture and seasoned well. The seafood was fresh, chunky mussels being the star of the dish.

To finish up, we had a baked chevre with seedless grapes and almonds. This combination of sweet-sticky-saltiness was not my favourite but it was pretty good nonetheless. The caramelised almonds added some crunch to the gooey cheese while the grapes were nicely sweet.

The only downside of the entire experience was that the waiter seemed in a hurry to have us out the door as there was another booking at 8pm (we arrived at 7.45 so you can imagine how rushed the meal was). Oh and The Apothecary is not exactly cheap either. This meal set us back a hundred bucks. However, for the quality and ambiance, I would say it was well worth it all!

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The Apothecary 1878 | 118 Hindley St, Adelaide 5000 SA | (08) 8212 9099