{Review} Going Vegan @ Bliss Organic Cafe

What happens when you put two carnivores in a vegan place? All hell breaks loose of course!

Just joking. Sweaty palmed and queasy I was though, when I first stepped into this quaint little cafe. Bob Marley (I think) was playing in the background while patrons with shaved heads and kaftan skirts quietly read the day’s paper while enjoying cheerfully green soup in little bowls. Shelves bulging with bottles and tubes of organic soaps and shampoos lined the walls. The main counter was a hodgepodge of covered cake stands boasting luscious looking cakes and fat muffins with random bursts of colours from postcards advertising artworks and pretty purple bottles holding drinking water.

Gulp. What have we gotten ourselves into? Scanning the menu, we were slightly panicky. Without a whisper of meat OR eggs OR dairy in sight, we blindly chose a few dishes at random and prayed for the best. Goodness gracious.

Something to share as starters. Oh I forgot to mention that we went for lunch. Okay, now the Mediterraean Platter came first. Stating that it was gluten free on the menu, I would assume that the bread was gluten free bread, which was surprisingly not as cardboardly as the usual gluten free fare. The falafels were amazing, without the overpowering taste of cumin commonly found in many of the falafels I’ve tasted. The hummus was exceptional as well, creamy and nutty. As for the rest of the plate – carrot sticks, cucumber slices, semi-dried tomatoes and black olives –  it was lacklustre and I question if it was worth the $15 we paid for. Certainly not.

My friend was so taken with the falafel that she ordered a falafel wrap for $10. On the plate, the wrap looks impressive, bursting with giant falafel, lettuce, carrots, alfalfa, hummus wrapped in mountain bread. I didn’t try it but it seemed to satisfy her well enough, despite the non-existence of all things animal.

I ordered the Tofu Scramble, apparently one of the better known dishes in the menu. At $13, I received a hefty bowl of scrambled tofu, carrots, juicy mushrooms, potato, tomato, dried fruit, seeds and spinach. The combination of flavours was a bit strange to me and I dearly missed my scrambled eggs. I would say this was a hit and miss.

The cafe’s saving grace would be their chocolate chai cake. As my first vegan chocolate cake, it certainly set the benchmark for all other vegan chocolate cakes, if I were ever to have another. Considerably lower in sugar than many other commercial chocolate cakes, this was definitely a hit. Sweetened up a little by the organic honey, the cake was a very nice end to the interesting meal.

As for the service, there is a lot to be desired as responses were gruff at best and a smile was difficult to come by. You would think that people without the ferocity to devour animals would have a more pleasant demeanor. Sorry if I’ve stepped on tails with this remark but I would expect better service in an eatery that I just spent $45 for lunch!

I would chalk it all down to an interesting experience, a place with great falafels and chocolate cake, unfriendly staff and overpriced everything else.

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Bliss Organic Cafe | 7 Compton St, Adelaide, 5000 | (08) 82310205