{Review} Warming up @ A Cafe ETC

I wish the weather would be like this everyday, but then again, if it were we wouldn’t appreciate it as much would we? It was mid 20’s today and a perfect day for the beach…and a beach brunch thrown in as well.

It was my second time at A Cafe ETC or dubbed by friends as the ‘Marilyn Monroe’ cafe. The decor was eclectic, verging on the edge of kitschy. Framed photographs of the famed late singer/actress/model filled every single space on the walls, save for the section of a reclining Marilyn Monroe mural. The food menu was carefully handwritten on a blackboard leaning against the main counter, offering a mixture of hearty sweet/ savoury breakfasts, while the list of beverages were mounted on the wall. Next to the counter in its own glorified corner was a tall cake display cabinet. Luscious looking cakes swirled lazily behind squeaky clean glass.  Coffee was average, though I have to admit that I am not a coffee connoisseur. My expertise, however, lies in the art of food intake.

A generous mountain of fluffy scrambled eggs – not at all watery or overly dry mind you – served with grilled tomatoes and nicely toasted bread. A pretty sight to behold for the first meal of the day.

Next up, a cholesterol-laden artery-bursting fare of cheerful sunny-side-ups, buttered toast, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, sausage and much too salty bacon. I love big breakfasts. Sinful, delicious, satisfaction and you definitely can’t get this in Kuching.

The 100% pure beef Angus burger was a bargain at $10.90. Sandwiched between two huge slices of bread, the juicy beef patty was the star of the show, with supporting casts like bacon, lettuce, tomato and a runny sunny-side-up to make the entire experience all the more sweeter.

End it all with a wonderful stroll along the beach, with the wind kissing our cheeks. Oh life.

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A Cafe ETC |71 Jetty Rd, Brighton, 5048 | (08) 82963845