{Review} Top of the world @ Windy Point Cafe

Absolutely felt like I was dining on top of the world with a view like that as a side dish to my breakfast. Levitating food? More like levitating diner!

My breakfast buddy scored a free $30 voucher for a breakfast meal at Windy Point Cafe and I was the lucky date chosen for the Sunday morning chow-down. The drive up to Windy Point was short and leisurely, especially on a beautifully crisp day after a morning shower.

Now, I wish I had something else as my flat white was mediocre. My friend’s cappuccino was worse. Devoid of froth and insipid at best. Lets move on to the food, shall we, which was a far greater experience than the beverage.

I had the dish with the longest description of: pork chipolatas, streaky bacon, braised mushrooms, marinated roma tomatoes, chives, scrambled eggs, tomato relish & witlof leaves. Basically, it was your regular Aussie big breakfast, but with a twist. Creamy fluffy scrambled eggs on grilled sourdough, melting on the tongue. The tart and juicy tomatoes provided just the perfect cut for the generous portion of smoky salty bacon. The tomato relish, cupped in fresh witlof leaves was a complement to the little chipolatas. Not forgetting the braised mushrooms, full with juiciness and a meaty bite to it, rounding up the colourful medley on the pretty plate. The other breakfast option that graced our table was the Moroccan baked eggs. A thick tomatoey base with chunky cubes of roasted pumpkin and strings of spinach to jazz up the nutrition. The baked eggs had gooey runny yolks, a delight to poke and watch the liquid gold ooze. Dip the grilled crusty sourdough into the rich sauce and you will be offered satisfaction. The only downside was that this dish was so rich that we had to swap plates halfway. I was not too fussed though as I got to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Next time you’re in town on a Sunday morning, head up Windy Point for a scenic drive and some pretty decent breakfast.

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Windy Point Restaurant and Cafe | Windy Point Lookout Belair Rd,
Belair, 5052 | (08) 82788255