{Review} Best Schnitzels in Adelaide @ The Earl of Leicester Hotel

I kid you not. This place has the best schnitzels ever. The hotel is nestled in a quaint little neighbourhood street. Judging from the packed carpark, we braced ourselves for the din when we swung the doors open.And my my, the Earl of Leicester was entertaining a full house on a Wednesday night. Without a reservation, we were told to wait a quarter of an hour while the wait staff squeezed and shifted the furniture around to make room for a table of five hungry souls. The menu was two pages long but we were only there with one thing in mind: schnitzels. The said star took up one quarter of the menu. The line-up for toppings ranged from your average plain or parmigiana to interesting choices such as avo and kilpatrick.  After placing our orders for three large chicken schnitzels, we made a beeline for the salad bar. The spread was average but that’s not the point.

Well hello. I feel for the waitress having to carry three of these giants. Must be heavy. Our schnitzels came bubbling hot with oozing cheese. The aroma of spiced tomatoes and melted cheese was enough to trigger a feeding frenzy. We had the avo, the kilpatrick and the parmigiana.

The avo was mighty creamy and surprisingly refreshing. The parmigiana was like your best parmy, only better. The kilpatrick takes the cake. I have never had kilpatrick on anything else other than oysters but this combination was genius! Smoky bacon, tangy Worcestershire topped with a blanket of thick oozy cheese.

Truly. The. Best. Schnitzel. Ever.

Oh and check out the size of these things! Must have been a giant chicken, I reckon.

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The Earl of Leicester | 85 Leicester Street, Parkside SA 5063 | (08) 82715700