Butter flatcake with strawbs and ganache: The tale of a series of kitchen mishaps

This was mad. It was a series of unfortunate events and mishaps in the kitchen. The results, however, were surprisingly good.

It was October 23rd, Boston Cream Pie Day and more importantly, my brother’s birthday. Though he was thousands of miles away in Malaysia, I promised to bake him a cake (and of course those in Adelaide would get to eat it after). That cake was Boston Cream pie in lieu of the funny Americans that have a day for everything and anything.

Boston Cream Pie was never a pie. It is in fact a cake. Talk about identity crisis. So this pie was supposedly created somewhere in Boston. The cake is supposedly cut into two, filled with cream and topped with chocolate ganache. Sounds easy enough but mine was meant to be.

I was supposed to bring the cake to a potluck where everyone gets to celebrate my brother’s birthday. I got home about 2 hours before the event and had to use cake mix. No problemo, cake mix = failsafe.

Oh how wrong was I! First, the cake was flat as a saucer. Cutting the cake in the middle was definitely out of the question now. I proceeded to cut the flat round thing into two semi-circles, thinking that a semi-circle cake would still be alright as long as I make up the other side of the circle with fresh fruits.

I slathered the cream onto the bottom slice and carefully lay the top semi-circle atop the freshly beaten cream. Next came the luscious ganache. Oh so silky and dark and the cake started to slide. My heart stopped and blood drained completely from my head as I watched the horrific slow motion mudslide of my cakeslide. The cream was melting as the flatcake was still slightly warm. Whatever cream left was happily dancing in the swirlpool of ganache. The agony!

After getting over my initial shock, the wheels started turning in my brain. All is not lost, I hope. I seized the flatcake on the top before it crash landed onto the counter top, lay it next to its other half to form a full circle once again, poured ganache on top of everything, plopped cream in the middle and foraged my fridge for more stuff to decorate my cake.

There was an avocado, some oranges, frozen berries and two punnets of strawberries. The first punnet was completely mouldy. Remind me to sort out the stupid leaking fridge. I hit jackpot with the second punnet. I washed, destemmed and sliced strawberries in a furry and lay them atop the cream. In another stroke of luck, I found leftover crushed peanuts! A handful of this was sprinkled atop the cake and I rushed to the potluck.

This Plan C flatcake actually received a ton of compliments and the cake was wiped clean but for a few smudges of ganache and a few crumbs at the end of everything. Awesome.