{Review} Theory proven @ Burger Theory

A truck. American-style burger. Pearl. Huh? Wonder no more. Burger Theory operates from a revamped American-style burger truck named Pearl. The once elusive Burger Theory is no longer unknown to me as I finally tracked them down one Friday. They set up stall every Friday from 1130am at the corner of Ebenezer Place and Union Street, along the same street as the hopping Chocolate Bean.

Arriving at 11.45am, the queue had already snaked along the pedestrian pathway. Damn. Already, there were people sinking their teeth into the burgers. Growl. After a 30-minute wait, I finally got to the front of the line. I was handed a beeper that supposedly would go crazy when my order was ready.

Sure enough, after another 15 minutes of waiting, the beeper started vibrating like nobody’s business. My burger was ready. Trudging back to my little triangle cardboard seat, I happily settled down for the moment of truth. I ordered the number 2, which was a 100% Coorong Angus beef patty with crispy panchetta, confit onions and Adelaide Blue Cheese sauce sandwiched between slightly sweet and fresh sesame buns.

Oh. My. Goodness. As I sank my teeth into this baby I could hear the sky part and the heavens sing. This was hands down the best burger I have come across. The patty was fresh and juicy, the panchetta was crispy as advertised and wonderfully salty, the onions painfully sweet to strike a wonderful balance to the amazing flavours already exploding in the mouth and definitely not the least, the blue cheese sauce packing a punch. My brain is on overdrive and the salivary glands have kicked in as I am writing this. I want a Burger Theory burger now!

Apart from the number 2 burger, of course there was a number 1, which features the angus patty, iceberg lettuce, tomato, American cheese and truck sauce. A venture for another Friday perhaps. They also offer vegan mole bean burritos with pretty great reviews. Hmm.

I treated myself to a triple chocolate cookie. A bit dear in price but it was quite a cookie. Soft baked and sprinkled with salt. Completely digging the chunk of chocolate on top, which turned out to be gooey on the inside. The best thing was the cookie was not overloaded with sugar, allowing the tastebuds to enjoy the ride.

Burger Theory? Great burgers solved.

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