{Recipe} Peaches Cheesecake

I am in such a good mood baby because yours truly just returned from my virgin trip from Queensland with my two-decade bestie. Oh it was glorious. The sun, the surf, the sights, the food, the shopping! But, this is for another day because today I have something wonderful to share with all of you.

It’s cheesecake. And it’s REALLY. DAMN. GOOD.

I find that my creations usually turns out better when it’s for purely for fun. Perhaps the cakes and cookies were channeling the stress and anticipation of birthdays and potlucks, resulting in inferior quality or worse, total flops. This one however, was truly delicious. I was really pleased with the result and my taste-testers were pretty much blown away by it (or at least that was what they led me to believe). Hmm..

Peaches Cheesecake

Serves 8

100g chocolate, broken into squares

80ml cream

1c milk arrowroot biscuits, crushed

1c peanut, crushed

80g butter, melted

500g cream cheese

400g condensed milk

100ml lemon juice

80ml boiling water

3tsp powdered gelatine

500g can peaches canned in natural juice, quartered

1 sachet Sugar Free peach-apricot flavoured Aeroplane Jelly

Ganache: Heat cream. Add to chocolate and stir until chocolate melts. Set aside to cool slightly.

Base: Prepare 9 inch springfoam tin. Mix crushed biscuits and peanuts. Add melted butter and mix thoroughly. If too dry, add more melted butter until crumbs appear wet. Press into bottom of tin. Pour ganache over base and refrigerate.

Filling: In a mixing bowl, add cream cheese and condensed milk. Beat with electric mixer on high until mixture is creamy. in a separate bowl, sprinkle gelatine powder over a boiling water and stir with fork until crystals are completely dissolved and liquid takes on a pale yellow colour. Add gelatine liquid and lemon juice to cheese mixture. Beat with mixer until incorporated. Pour mixture on top of base and ganache. Refrigerate until set, requires at least 2 hours.

Topping: Arrange sliced apricots on top of firm cream cheese layer. Prepare jelly mixture according to packet instructions. I used the syrup from the canned peaches to substitute 1/2c of the cold water required to make the jelly. Allow jelly mixture to cool slightly then carefully pour on top of arranged peaches. Allow to set in refrigerator. This should take around 3-4 hours. Once set, use the back of a knife to run along the sides of the cake then pop the tin loose. Serve chilled.