{Review} Dessert comatose @ The Aviary Dessert Kitchen

It feels good to be able to tell the lady at the counter: “Oh, 74 dollars is not enough. We’ve got 125 dollars and we have to spend it all.” Then watch her eyes brighten like Christmas lights on a majestic pine. Win the lottery I did not (I wish!). It was just the leftover earnings from our makeshift food stall we had during the Malaysian Carnival ’11.

My third time at Aviary and this is the first time I’ve got decent pictures. The lighting is really suboptimal for clear pictures, especially on my humble phone. Now, this time a very nice friend actually brought a proper camera hence, nicer pictures. I won’t Polaroid-ise them this time. They look to pretty.

What happens when you spend over a hundred dollars in one sitting at a dessert place? The desserts just kept coming. And coming. And coming!

The affogato was sweet, coffee-ish, nice but normal. Nothing much to write home about as Cibo carries a better version of this Italian beverage.

Green tea matcha latte was heavy on the matcha powder hence the intense bitterness. However, being the sadist I am, I actually really enjoyed it. The consistency was thick and silky, which slides down pretty easily.

Topped with ice-cream and chocolate shavings, and also ticking the boxes of a standard iced chocolate drink, it hits the spot if you are really craving for a cooling but satisfying craving quencher. I, however, was rubbing my hands in glee, anticipating the impending galore.

Compared to a few other fondants I’ve sampled, Aviary’s was up there on my list. Dark and gooey in the centre with a dense sponge-like cake which was low on the sugar scale, this definitely hits the spot. The scoop of Cookies n’ Cream ice-cream plus the stroke of almond and hazelnut praline complete this clever dish.

Curiously, the lychee granita is no longer on the current menu. It’s unfortunate because this was hands down the BEST¬†dessert I have sampled from Aviary and believe me, I think I have been through a whole heap their entire menu. Sweet and a little bit sourish, the granita excites the taste buds, leaving you craving for more.

A double scoop of durian ice-cream served with grass jelly, lychees and kerisik (toasted coconut) completely bowled us over. The nostalgia of home was weighing heavily in the air as the pungent aroma of durian envelops our senses. Oh how I love durian!

Then there was the strawberry white chocolate cheesecake. As with all good baked cheesecakes, it has to taste more of cream cheese and less of sugar. This one was just that. The sourness from the strawberries cuts through the heaviness of the cake, providing a really great balance of flavours and textures.

Like the green tea matcha latte, the chai latte was also creamy, frothy, light and pretty much good coffee.

To make up to our quota of spending, we splurged on Halloween macarons, of which the proceedings go to charity. They were nicely chewy and gooey in the centre. Not usually a fan of macarons due to their intense sweetness, I was pleasantly surprised at these ones. Until I bit into a chili one. Then one with garlic. It was Halloween after all.

The Belgian waffles were served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, a little sauce pitcher of liquid chocolate and fresh cut strawberries. This was pretty mediocre as the waffle was a tad tough, leaving more to be desired.

Other desserts not pictured here were the Chocolate Tasting Platter for Two, also currently not on November’s menu. This boasted two little jugs of rich chocolate pudding, two mini Belgian waffles again served with ice-cream, chocolate sauce and strawberries as well as two mini slices of fabulously dark flourless chocolate cake.

The green tea tiramisu was another hit, packed with the bitter and slightly metallic flavour of matcha. I did mention that I was a sadist. Served with green tea ice-cream on the much dreaded slate plate, it was a great ending to a crazy buffet of sweet things, leaving us in a sugar coma.

The new menu has retained a lot of the old favourites but introduced several Asian-inspired newbies. Sounds like another trip to The Aviary Dessert Kitchen is looming!

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