{Review} Olé Olé Olé

Olé! Brisbane! Only my fourth Australian city after all these years. Shame on me. On the first night I arrived in Brisbane with my dear bestie, our freshly minted local tour guide/ long lost friend showed us around South Bank, a truly wonderful place that would grace our presence for just about every single day of our 5-day trip to Queensland.

Olé Restaurant was apparently a spanking new establishment along the hip and happening Little Stanley Street. Thank you little man Stanley, you certainly carry a wonderful mix of gorgeous restaurants.

Everything about Olé was pretty. The menu, the staff, the furniture. We started off with a jug of red sangria. Mild, sweet and potent was this baby. It was good sangria.

We kicked started dinner with Empanadas de atun. A baked butter pastry encasing tuna and green olives. The unassuming appearance certainly threw us off with the punch of flavour.

Cabra al Vino was a little saucer of slow-braised goat with white wine and almonds. So tender, so juicy. The crunch of almonds provided a nice touch of textural contrast with the melt-in-your-mouth goat.

The Chuleta de Cordero was a double lamb cutlet with parsley and mint. Cooked to perfection at medium rare, it was amazing. This has got to be the best bit of lamb I have ever tasted. We were initially apprehensive towards this little bit of protein as the waitress bungled our order of Brochetas de Pollo, which was a more substantial dish of grilled chicken, capsicum and onion skewers on saffron pilaf. We spied a neighbouring table digging into their Pollo and we were green with envy. The lamb cutlet made up for the mistake in spades though!

With this amount of food among three full-grown humans, it seemed like we would still be hungry but the sangria seeped and filled the cracks and with a side of catch-up conversation, we were contented. Definitely a great place to wine and dine, with the quiant and relaxed atmosphere. However, it is preferable that you have deep pockets so you won’t feel the sting when peeking at the bill.

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Olé Restaurant | Shop B12, Little Stanley Street, South Brisbane QLD 4101 | (07) 38461201