{Review} Nothing glitzy @ Golden Dragon Palace

Sometimes you leave a restaurant after a good meal feeling satisfied, happy, reminiscent, content. You know, that content post-gastric filling of fabulous food.

Sometimes you feel disgusted, ripped-off, sick and down right disappointed. Golden Dragon Palace was a combination of all four sentiments. I should learn to be more skeptical of online reviews now. Despite avid word-of-mouth recommendations of Adelaide’s apparent hidden gem yum cha place, we reasonably poorer with a nonexistent feeling of contentment.

The place had a reeking undertone of unfresh seafood and damp table cloth. The wait staff were brisk, loud and rude but that’s okay. Most yum cha places, even the ones in Hong Kong survive on brash staff quintessential for the yum cha ambiance. The killer however, was the food.

The five culprits of bad dim sum set us back $32.70. All of the dim sum skins were cold, sticky and gluggy, the worst state you want your steamed dim sums to be. The har gow (虾饺) and dai zi gow (带子饺), which had a strip of seaweed wrapped around the dim sum, were incredibly salty with a strange bitter tang. The chee cheong fun was tasteless, requiring soy sauce for palatability. The char siew sou (叉燒酥) however, takes the cake of truly terrible dim sum. The usually baked pastry tasted like it was fried. It was greasy and salty to the point of ridiculousness. A friend took the liberty to wrap a paper towel over a pastry and believe it or not, the oil seeped through EIGHT layers of paper. Ugh. Disgusting.

The verdict: I am never going back to Golden Dragon Palace.

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Golden Dragon Palace | 242 Hutt Street, Adelaide SA 5000 | (08) 82271253