{Review} Mexican in Brisbane

A lack of truly good Mexican eateries in Adelaide led to two continuous dinners of said cultural food in Brisbane.

Cornmeal, salsa, guacamole, refried beans, chipotle and a nice cold beer to wash it all down. What’s not to love about one of the world’s most unassuming yet drool-worthy cuisines?

First up, receiving a mere 45% rating on Urbanspoon was The Burrito Bar. Unfazed by its failed grade and motivated by a friend’s vehement recommendation, we trumped to South Bank for our fill of cheap Mexican fare.

The signage was nondescript with a font one size too small worsened by the bright green backlight. We found the place in the end nonetheless. It seemed that the owners have an avid fascination with the dead judging by the pro-death decor of spooky sleketon murals and a life-sized colourful cardboard coffin. The staff wore straight poker expressions, wiped of smiles. But, I was neither here for the service nor the decor.

The menu was pretty extensive for such a small place. I went for the Double Decker Tacos. A soft taco wrapped around a crunchy taco with slow braised chipotle pulled beef, corn salsa, salad and generous dollops of guacamole. The texture contrast was nothing short of genius. The beef was flavourful and tender. The corn salsa was tangy and sweet. They forgot my guacamole on my first order but added it to my second so no complaints there. At $4.50 dollars a pop, I was pretty satisfied with my tacos, online ratings be damned.

Cactus Republic was the other Mexican joint we paid a visit to on our trip. More elaborate furnishings and friendly staff did not translate to much elevated prices, thank goodness. The heavy tables sported intricate and colourful tiles, very pretty indeed. The con carne nachos were a heap of crunchy corn chips, flavourful beef mince, chipotle, salsa, melted cheese, sour cream and guacamole. It was a struggle to finish due to its great big portion for one person. The burritos were pretty rad as well. Once again, tasty proteins – pulled pork this time, refried beans, spicy rice, salsa and guacamole. Wash it all down with an icy limey Light Corona and I was on cloud nine. I stole  sip of lemony margarita from a friend and it was good and strong.

Now, I may be slightly biased with my preferences as Adelaide is devoid of truly good and cheap Mexican eateries, but who could blame me?

The Burrito Bar - Southbank on Urbanspoon
The Burrito Bar | 5/167 Grey Street South Bank, QLD 4101 | (07) 38475352

Cactus Republic on Urbanspoon
Cactus Republic | Stanley Street Plaza, Shop 30BB Southbank, SOU 4101 | (07) 38440878