{Review} Bonjour Au Matin Calme

The prospect of an expiring voucher and trying out the French fare at one of Adelaide’s newest resident patisserie provided motivation to drive to the city and pay Au Matin Calme a visit.

The shop itself was narrow with simple and quirky decor, providing a calming interior and living up to its name of ‘A calm morning’.

The voucher entitled us to…not a lot at all, so we made the most of it and picked the choicest of the lot.  After making our selections, we trudged up the rickety stairs and were met with more light hues and whimsical table decorations.

Before long, the desserts and drinks graced our table. The little cake slices were served in saucers and my they were really fun-sized. The Orangina packed a punch of zesty orange with a mousse-like consistency. Not a bad effort. Not a huge passion fruit fan, I met the Passion slice with apprehension. True enough, the taste of passion fruit proved too strong for my liking and I considered it a write-off. Fans of the fruit may like this though.

The last thing from the menu that we tried was the chocolate almond croissant. Now, this is French talking. Oui. Flaky pastry giving way to warm chocolate accented with crunchy caramelised almonds. Très délicieux! Now, I have never been to France but I have reason to believe that that croissant was a fine example of one. Just because it was yum.

We had cold versions of the hot drinks, an iced dark chocolate, a dark chocolate hazelnut and a dark chocolate chai. The dark chocolate version was really good. Rich and smooth with a hint of bitterness from the dark chocolate. We didn’t manage to finish the remaining ones as they got a bit too much and too sweet for our palates.

Will I return? Probably not. I scanned through the menu on the table and noted that the fare verged on the pricey side. Judging from the little square of cake and its price, I would say the food wasn’t worth the money. Oh well, there are some winners and then there are losers. This place unfortunately failed to impress despite its raving reviews.

Adieu, Au Matin Calme.

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Au Matin Calme | 210 Hutt Street, Adelaide SA 5000 | (08) 7225 2707