{Review} Quick lunch @ Kwik Stix

For years now I’ve been visiting our neighbourhood restaurant. It’s basically a stone’s throw from my house and a short walk from the university and medical centre. Understandably, Kwik Stix is a very popular hang out lunch and dinner spot for the local residents, students and medical centre staff.

‘Neighbourhood restaurant’ probably isn’t the most apt term to describe this place. Streamlined with a hint of posh that allows it to transform from a casual lunch time favourite to a wine and dine restaurant by night.

The menu is a fusion of Southeast Asian and I dare say, the morphed Australian-style Asian. Creamy based sauces with very Aussie vegetables like capsicum, cauliflower and broccoli are common denominators of many of the dishes I have tried from Kwik Stix. I was starting to be weary of this place by my sixth to seventh visit, having tried almost all items from the Wok Tossed menu. The Thai basil, Thai red curry, satay peanut sauce, green curry stir-fry, lemongrass, fresh coriander and Thai style cashew nuts were seven out of nine choices from this section that I have sampled.

And then it dawned on me. A dim bulb brightens.

I have always taken advantage of the lunch specials which only allows ordering from this part of the menu. Well, who could blame me? I save approximately six dollars as compared to coming at dinnertime. Hah! 

So this time, we forayed into the menu unknown (well not exactly as I’ve tried the noodles before and they were pretty yummy). Everyone selected a never-tried-before dish and I prayed for redeeming qualities.

My sizzling sambal noodles came sizzling (of course) madly on a hotplate. I love that there was actually a wide wooden frame around the hotplate, preventing potential burns and welts. As I often do. The yellow noodles were of the thinner variety, a delighting sight as the thick ones are the bane of my existence. Coated with bits of chili and shrimp paste, the noodles were excitingly spicy and bouncy. The vegetables did a good job of balancing the spiciness, thank you very much, and the squid rings were fresh and aplenty without a hint of overcooked rubbery. Massive tick in the ‘like’ box.

The sister’s tangy lemon chicken breast was a glory of crispy fried chicken pieces slathered with a slightly sweet and wonderfully sour lemon sauce served atop a bed of shredded iceberg lettuce and julienned carrots on the side. I snuck a piece of the golden morsel. It was good. An additional order of rice rounds up a happy meal.

Dining partner number 2 tried the beef black bean with rice noodles and broccoli. Forget the wonderfully fried flat kuey tiaw and accompanying vegetables, the beef was the winner hands down. It was oh so tender – yes, the melt in your mouth variety – and packed bags of flavour. Give me a plate of these with some rice and I’ll be a happy lark.

The best thing about ordering noodles during lunch time was the lunch specials. A full serve with about a 10% discount. And I can never finish a full serve so there was my dinner settled. Teehee. Thumbs up for Kwik Stix! Status redeemed.

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Kwik Stix Flinders | 8 Flinders Drive, Bedford Park SA 5042 | (08) 81770035