{Recipe} The Oreomisu is here

A friend’s birthday led me to brainstorm for a cake that’s easy to make but still looks impressive as life has been pretty hectic in leading up to the upcoming big trip and end of year graduations. Rummaging through the pantry, I spied an unopened package of Oreos from eons ago and also some savoiardi biscuits. Ladyfinger biscuits always equals to tiramisu but this time, it’s tiramisu with a very slight twist.

The end result was a cake that wowed the audience, cut beautifully, tasted wonderful and most importantly, delighted the birthday girl. Did I mention that I forgot did not add any sugar to this baby? Oh and also the cream layer sandwiched between the chocolate biscuits were removed plus reduced fat cream was used in this recipe. HA! Talk about lightening the burden of food sins, though I still wouldn’t recommend having this every single day. It’s still a dessert and desserts should only be saved for very special occasions. And those occasions better be few and very far apart.

Looking after your waistline here.


Serves 10

500g cream cheese

200g condensed milk

150ml reduced fat cream

100ml boiling water

1Tb gelatine powder

10Tb coffee powder

3/4 packet of savoiardi biscuits

1 packet Oreos, cream layer removed and roughly broken into small pieces

1Tb cocoa powder

In a mixing bowl, add cream cheese, condensed milk and cream, beat on high until smooth. In a separate bowl, add 50ml boiling water then sprinkle gelatine powder over water and stir with a fork. Once all gelatine granules have dissolved, the liquid should be light yellow. Incorporate gelatine mixture into cheese mixture. In a cup, add 50ml boiling water to 2Tb coffee powder, stir until powder is dissolved and pour coffee into cheese mixture. Mix until incorporated.

In a wide bowl, add 200ml boiling water to 8Tb coffee powder and stir to make strong black coffee. Line an 8inch rectangular loaf pan with durable cling wrap. Dip the bottom side of the biscuits into the coffee, allowing coffee to soak up to the halfway mark of the biscuit then place the coffee-soaked side facing downwards into the tin. Continue this process until the bottom of the tin is lined. Pour a layer of cheese mixture on top of the biscuits to approximately 1inch. Arrange a layer of biscuits on top of the cream cheese mixture, repeating the coffee-dipping process. Atop the biscuits, pour another layer of cream cheese mixture, smoothing out the top with a flat spatula. Cover with cling wrap and allow to set in the fridge for approximately 2-4 hours.

Prior to serving, remove cake from tin and flip onto your prepared board. Remove cling wrap. Top cake with crushed and broken Oreos and sieve cocoa powder on top of the Oreos. Serve and wow the crowd!

There will be some leftover cheesecake mixture so I would suggest using the rest of the biscuits, make a mini tiramisu in a smaller container that you could save for a simple dessert next time.

Oh and I will be embarking on a two-week trip first to Seoul, South Korea then to Sydney tomorrow so any updates posted from tomorrow onwards until when I return will be pre-written and scheduled posts. Sorry for the hiatus but I shall promise exciting updates after my return!