{Review} The final Brisbane entry

Yes. I promise you. This is the last one. While you are reading this, I believe I will be flying across the Indian Ocean from Adelaide heading towards Singapore or spending time in the fabulous Changi hospital while transiting or jetting towards Incheon Airport. A much anticipated adventure with a long separated (okay, it was since this January) best mate, a much missed friend and four other friend’s friends (try saying that very quickly for five times) is in store for seven perpetually hungry stomachs encased in shopping-mad bodies. Ooooh yeah.

I digress.

So Brisbane has been good. So good that it warrants another entry. Reminiscent of the chocolate binge in Melbourne two years ago, Max Brenner’s was set in my sights when we found out about its existence in South Brisbane. And so we had a chocolaty Saturday brunch at the bald man’s franchise. We had a banana crepe with hazelnut praline served drizzled with luscious chocolate sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream each and shared a chocolate babka. Needless to say, the crepes were perfectly thin and just that little bit chewy. The best kind of crepes in my opinion, especially when served with a much needed potassium boost in the form of bananas.

The babka is a magnificent looking tower of cake with a cute name. According to good old Wiki, the babka is a type of yeasty brioche-like cake traditionally served at Easter. I thought the texture was similar to cinnamon and raisin scrolls. So instead of cinnamon and raisin, there was chocolate, a lot of chocolate. More melted chocolate was drizzled on the plate and poured into a squat saucer for dipping. Chocolate, glorious chocolate.

As if we haven’t had enough of the divine matter, we placed orders for a dark Italian chocolate and a white chocolate, both served in Max Brenner’s iconic hug mugs. My dark Italian chocolate was liquid gold. The drink was thick, smooth and the best bit, slightly bitter. The only problem was finishing it. Defeated by all the chocolate, I had to leave half of my drink for fear of keeling over with sugar coma. Max Brenner’s never fails to impress.

Another eating experience I’d like to share was at the Byron Bay Markets. As mentioned previously, Byron was a hippie town. The Markets only operate on the first Sunday of the month and offers a massive display of arts and crafts, music and food. Chocolate coated somethings were abundant and we spied the frozen banana version. Of course we jumped on the opportunity for bananas! In case you’re uninitiated to Australia’s banana plight, the floods earlier this year have wiped out banana crops, sending banana prices skyrocketing to a whopping $18.99/kg. We exchanged some small change for a frozen chocolate coated banana. One bite into the hard shell of chocolate and sinking our teeth into banana made my heart sing. Such a simple idea  yielding an amazing result. If you haven’t tried a chocolate coated frozen banana, I suggest you get your hands on one – or ten – now! As to where can you find it, I have no idea.

Having never sampled Jamaican food before, I opted for the Jamaican chicken dish from the little kitchen van called Mango Lada. It was a plate of succulent chicken pieces marinated in Jamaican spice (as advertised) piled atop purplish-looking broken rice and a side of fresh salad drizzled with mayo. It was an interesting dish, with flavours that I have never tried before. An altogether hit!

Travelling, good friends and good food. I have to admit that I am blessed. I am aware that not everyone is as lucky hence, I would love to share my experiences. The blog has received a tiny spike in traffic since its inception in March this year so thank you all for reading. It gives me the confidence and motivation to continue sharing a little piece of myself with the world. 🙂

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