{Review} Burp Burritos

I so take back what I said about a lack of Mexican eateries in Adelaide.

I went to Burp Burritos. As advertised, the burritos were killers. Well, the vegetarian one at least.

The lunch buddy, an avid vegetable lover have been lamenting about this place since the start of the year and for some reason we have never made it here. Of course, she pounced on the vegetarian burritos. I lost tract of the contents of her burrito – she asked for a bit of everything. There was refried beans, rice, corn, salsa and then some more. I did not notice the absence of meat as the ingredients provided pure satisfaction of a good meal. The buddy finished the burrito in an alarming speed, alarming because she usually picks at her food forever. A true testament to how good the burrito was.

I chose something a bit different with an Meat Lovers Carnivore enchilada, recognizing the protein obsession within me. There was a mixture of succulent pulled beef, chorizo, bacon and mince, all spiced and flavoursome. There was also some rice, corn, roast capsicum and refried beans all wrapped in a corn tortilla. A large spoonful of salsa was bathed atop the wrap and a large handful of cheese piled yet again atop the slightly sweet and pretty sour salsa. After a few minutes in the mini oven/grill, the enchilada was hot and toasty topped with bubbling melted cheese. Scoops of guacamole and sour cream completed the dish.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to devour my lunch until two hours later. Thanks to the blistering weather, my enchilada remained lukewarm but the guacamole took on a dark brown colour due to oxidation. I dug into my lunch and still found the enchilada delicious despite its less than perfect state. The fillings packed great punches of flavour, the ingredients were fresh, the portion was generous. I was content with my very late but still wonderfully delish lunch!

Adelaide has great Mexican food in the form of Burp Burritos. I caught a rumour that they also stock the world’s spiciest chili. Daredevils require gloves to handle the burning sauce and many strapping lads have fallen in agony in their bid to challenge the spice. It would be interesting to witness such a sight. 😉

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Burp Burritos | 2/16 Hindley Street, Adelaide SA 5000 | (08) 84103034