{Review} A slice of November @ Eggless

Considered by many as the forefather of dessert bars and cafes in Adelaide, Eggless is a name familiar to many in this city, especially among the sweet teeth. It is true that since the inception of Eggless, many Asian-infused/ owned dessert places have taken Adelaide by storm. A good thing for the foodies but a potential issue for rising concerns of food-induced lifestyle problems. The trick is, people, moderation. Ha!

So Eggless. A little renovated shopfront along the lane of churches, Goodwood Road. Nestled comfortably along the main road among hushed church buildings, posh shops and the iconic Capri Theatre, Eggless is set for good business in a prime location.

My first visit to Eggless was not particularly memorable although the desserts were quite okay. I had a durian custard cake and it was mediocre. Thankfully, the menu changes monthly so eager to pay another visit, we booked for a table one Wednesday night. We arrived half an hour early and were dismayed but were not surprised to find the place packed to the rafters complete with a line waiting outside. It was an uncharacteristically cold summer’s night and we resorted to crowd around the heater for comfort.

Another gust of chilly wind motivated us to hop into the cafe and order for takeaway. This month’s sweet things featured an eclectic range of jelly to cheesecake to mango-flavoured tiramisu. Unfortunately, some options like the Moscato and Raspberry Jelly and the Caramel and Pineapple Panna Cotta were limited to dine-in only due to the cups they were set in. We opted for an Almond and Vanilla Cake with Coffee Ice-cream and a Mangomisu.

The cake was slightly dense but still fluffy, tasting faintly of almonds and sticky with melted sugar. The ice-cream was a let down, icy in texture and almost completely lacking in the taste of coffee. A friend described it as tasting like wet tissue paper. One wonders what else has this girl tasted.

The winner of the two for me was the Mangomisu. The mascarpone and mango layers were delicious and contained just the right amount of sugar, preventing a sugar high. My other friends thought the mango flavour was not strong enough but that’s okay, more for me!

Once again, Eggless passes with a better than average mark but failed to blow my socks off. One can always hope with a new menu each month which makes Eggless’ idea of a monthly menu a wonderful marketing ploy. Good on them.

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Eggless | 162 Goodwood Road, Goodwood SA 5034 | (08) 82720777