{Review} Nosh @ Good Life Modern Organic Pizza

I have a love-hate relationship with Good Life Pizza. I love it for its notorious Swiss Brown Mushroom pizza but hate it for its heart-stopping prices. For a pizza place, Good Life is very very bad for your finances. The upside is that you get fresh, organic and quality ingredients. Now, organic is one thing I can live without but freshness and quality are not to be overlooked. I do appreciate restaurants going the extra mile in providing top-notch food from the best ingredients so I sometimes part with precious money for a meal at this popular pizza joint restaurant.

First up, of course it’s the Swiss Brown Mushrooms with blobs of garlic aioli. If there’s one thing I can forgo meat for is mushrooms. Juicy, succulent mushrooms. This pizza has been my constant favourite from Good Life and the same could be said for this visit.

The Free Range Chicken was laden with roasted chicken, baby potatoes, herbs and cheese. The concept of carbs on carbs as with the potato on pizza is still new to me and though I am getting used to this interesting combination, I shall steer clear of it generally to avoid the loading of carbs. The pizza was decent, as you would expect with chicken.

Another old favourite is the interesting flavour combinations of the Free Range Roasted Duck. Toppings of roast duck, shiitake mushrooms and spring onion ginger jam conjured impressions of Asian dishes and sure enough, the pizza tasted like Chinese roast duck with Hainanese Chicken Rice on a pizza base. Two of my favourite Asian dishes in one, how could I say no?

The prawns were soldier straight on a bed of tomato, basil and onions atop the Spencer Gulf Monster Prawns pizza. The most expensive pizza of all, this one boasts fresh and sweet monster prawns. The combination of tomato and basil is, as usual, the perfect fit however, I felt that the onions were a tad too strong and distracted the taste buds away from the prawns. A midway thumb for this one.

So as the bill was paid – don’t think about it, don’t think about it, don’t think about it – the ones that hit the spot were once again, the failsafe mushrooms and duck pizzas, the unwavering favourites. Will I return? Perhaps, when my bank allows.

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Good Life Modern Organic Pizza | 44 Jetty Road, Glenelg SA 5045 | (08) 83765900