Fun at the Adelaide Showground Farmer’s Market

More like eating fun. I was looking though some pictures taken many Sundays ago sometime in July and stumbled upon a stash of nice food pictures which I took while a handful of us had a casual brunch at the weekly Adelaide Showground Farmer’s Market. The market is a fabulous place, showcasing the freshest local produce, ranging from fruits and vegetables, fresh and cured meats, sweets, cakes, chocolates, dairy, honey and various interesting stuff.

We exercised the ultimate sharing rule where all of us bought something under six dollars to be shared among everyone and the results were incredible. Below twenty-five dollars for a table full of goodies!

First up, one of my two contributions was the smoked salmon and dill tart from Chocoholics Anonymous. Yes, it may seem strange for a savoury tart to come from a chocolate stall but let me assure you, the salmon was plentiful and wonderfully smokey. The dill was a great combination to the salmon and the eggy-cheesy filling was light and flavoursome. I couldn’t recall what the pastry was like though.

There was a felafel, bursting with lentils and I suspect, peas! I remember that it tasted very felafel-y, as how one should be. It was good but I’m not a huge fan of Middle-Eastern spices. The leek and Gruyere tart was delicious. Dense, moist, cheesy and loaded with bags of flavour, though the pastry was pretty tough, defeating our flimsy little plastic spoons.

Bought from a cute Japanese desserts/snack stall, the milk bread with custard was a perfect cube of soft pillow-y bread encasing subtly sweet and milky custard. Yum.

The pumpkin, ricotta and caramelised onion muffin was an identity crisis of sweet and savoury. The sweet won and it somehow felt like I was having a vegetable dessert, not a bad deal.

Sticky and painfully sweet, the jam and custard danish catapulted me to my childhood when my dad used to buy me daishes with custard or apples or jam as school snacks. When I got a bit older, I would feel slightly queasy after wolfing down one of these. I think it was the sticky coating of melted sugar but man it was yum.

The rye with cream cheese and fig bun was also purchased from the cute Japanese place, not forgetting to mention that they were giving out green tea soy cheese cakes as well. Freebies + delicious freebies = awesome! The bun was slightly hard and dry but the innards more than made up for it. Who could say no to cream cheese and figs?

And finally my favourite item of the lot was the chocolate mud cake once again from Chocoholics Anonymous. It tasted more like a truffle cake with its dense and rich texture. The dark chocolate must have been great quality as it carried the smoothness and bitterness of good chocolate. The best thing was that it tasted only slightly sweet. The best way to eat chocolate!

After our brunch, we meandered around the place for great deals and fresh produce. The gem we found was this scallop stall. The seller was cooking samples on a portable barbeque griller. Plump, juicy scallops await! We chatted to the guy manning the stall and found out that he personally dives for the scallops! Talk about fresh – again. The five minute wait was so worth it as only brushed slightly with butter and squirted with lemon juice, the scallop was plump, juicy and sweet. The slide down was glorious! I want more!

So, if you happen to roll up of bed before 10am this Sunday and happen to be in the Goodwood area, pop by for Adelaide’s freshest and most down-to-earth goodness.