Happy 2012!

Oh the shame! I have neglected this space for way too long! My backlog of photos and posts are piling up. There is just too much to share. Since my trip to Seoul (which have yet to make an appearance here *hangs head in shame*), I have popped by to Sydney and also hopping around Adelaide as my family paid the place a visit for my graduation.

Yes! I have graduated from university. Five years. Half a decade of study and being away from home has finally come to an end and the future is still up in the air. The agonizing wait for interviews and job offers have begun and it is a nerve-wrecking time for me indeed.

I am home in Kuching now, having shifted all my worldly possessions across seas and continents. I fear that Adelaide is now a wonderful memory from the past as the prospect is bleak for international students of my profession.

At the dawn of the new year, I bade goodbye to five years of great personal growth and friendships. A new chapter of life has begun. Hello 2012, a happy new year to everyone!

Here’s a sneak peak for an upcoming post 😉