{Travel} Chapter 2 Seoul: Food for the soul

The inner child was unleashed on Day 2 as we ventured to Lotte World, Seoul’s very own theme park in the city. The castle greeting us at the entrance to the outdoor theme park was reminiscent of Disney Land. It was  a Thursday but the place was packed full of people.

Bring the chicken I am, the most extreme ride I took was the pathetic chair swing. Hah! Some people are not born for nerve-wrecking activities so don’t judge thankyouverymuch.

The food was your average fair fare of hot dogs, churros, thick sausages with the addition of local favourites like fish cake soup and barbequed squid.

An interesting find was peanut butter squid. The tentacles were supposedly coated with peanut butter rather than the usual butter but all we could taste was sugary sweetness and unbelievably tough squid strips.

As it was nearing Christmas, we caught a glimpse of the annual Christmas Parade. Pretty lights, dancing people and gaudy costumes were the order of the day. To finish off our day at Lotte World, we opted for a ride in the automated ‘hot air balloon’ which allowed us a breathtaking aerial view of the indoor theme park.

The best part of the day, however, was catching sight of a takoyaki truck near the Sungkyungkwan University bus stop on our way back to the hostel. The brightly lit yellow truck was like a beacon in the cold dark night and of course we made a beeline towards the promise of food.

Fresh, steaming and with bonito flakes dancing in the paper bowl, we sunk our teeth into the succulent octopus balls. This was the real thing. Fat, round and packed full of octopus chunks, it was the perfect snack drenched in sauce and awesomeness. Half of the lot was cheese-filled but I preferred the original ones.

If you ever come across the yellow takoyaki truck, do yourself a favour and grab some. You won’t regret it!