{Travel} Chapter 5 Seoul: Food for the soul

Following on from the previous post, we visited Naksansa for the remainder of the afternoon. Naksansa is a Korean Buddhist temple built on Naksan Mountain, boasting breathtaking panorama of both sea and mountain. The crashing waves added to the drama of it all. It seemed that everyone loves a nice stroll around the compounds of the temple, along with a little puff while climbing the many stairs to the massive Guanying statue, including the army boys. A smattering of refurbished traditioal-style buildings dotted Naksansa, refurbished as a cruel fire in 2005 ravaged the temple.

After working up an appetite trekking the temple compounds, we accepted an invitation from the captain of the fishing boat trip for a barbeque dinner.

We were greeted with cans of Cass Korean beer and some rice wine. Of course, the ubiquitious kimchi was also dished and ready for the feast ahead. We could smell the barbeque from a mile off and were intrigued to find that the feast in question were giant shellfish. Rubs hands in glee. 

So the first of the lot were scallops. Enormous. Gigantic. Scallops. I am dead serious. The scallop shells were as big as my palm and let me tell you, I have very big hands. Oh how juicy and fresh they were! Soft as silk too. Red rice accompanied our fishy meal.

Next up was the more-expensive-than-beef-according-to-the-captain surf clam or Ubagai according to the Japanese. Slightly chewier than scallops but carries a faint taste of the sea, these clams were dipped in gochujang  and relished. We had a brief interlude of crunchy pickled radish before moving on to giant barbequed and juicy pipi.

The fourth and final type of shellfish we had that night was oysters the size of my hand. They were massive. They were fresh. And they were wonderful oysters. At that rate, we were already struggling to finish everything as the captain and his wife were the hospitable sort, pumping piles of shellfish from the griller at an alarming rate. We somehow managed to finish everything with great effort though still with great pleasure.

The final tally for shellfish rendezvous champion of the night was yours truly with thirteen giant shells. Oh feel my cholesterol levels spike.

Now as a final reminder of our absolutely delightful evening courtesy of the very generous captain and his wife, the almighty scallops.