{Travel} A step closer to home: Kuala Lumpur

Taking another brief break from the Korean posts, here’s something a little bit more recent – more recent as in about a month ago. The family, yours sincerely included, had a seven-day stopover at Kuala Lumpur for some food and shopping. More of the latter I think, for the females in the house usually go wild with the prospect of clothes, bags and of course, shoes!

For one of the mornings, we trudged to Jalan Imbi for bak kut teh. Chinese fried doughnut pieces was served with a little bowl of bak kut teh soup for dipping. Ah yes, I am home – almost. Soon after, our bubbling claypot of bak kut teh was served along with a saucer of fried tofu.

Pork ribs, Chinese mushrooms and vegetables populated the pot. The  herbal broth was fragrant and hearty. Complete the meal with a bowl of rice and I was on cloud nine.

As we stayed right smack in the heart of Bukit Bintang, a favourite haunt for food was Lot 10 Hutong, an ingenuity of the food court owners, old time favourites of noodles, rice and various popular eateries with decades of history congregate here.

Some of my favourites were the duck noodles, raw fish porridge, pork knuckle bak kut teh and tau fu fah (bean curd dessert). A loyal customer, I haven’t gotten tired of this place. A word of caution though, the place is usually packed to the brim with patrons especially during mealtimes so be patient and you will snag a table.

If you ever drop by Bukit Bintang, I recommend paying homage to Lot 10 Hutong. It’s well worth the wait.