{Travel} Chapter 8 Seoul: Food for the soul

The eighth and final post on Seoul finally. Myeongdong and the N Seoul Tower mark the end of my week-and-a-half trip to South Korea. There weren’t many photos of Myeongdong as lugging a camera about while shopping was not exactly the best idea.

The group went slightly silly when we decided to have cold noodles for lunch at Myeongdong. The cellophane noodles were first boiled then refreshed in cold water. Ice chips were added to the noodles in addition to the ice-cold clear broth laced with wasabi. All I can say was that having something this cold in the middle of winter is a surefire way of allowing yourself to freeze while loitering the streets of Seoul. The extremely bouncy noodles were a testament to the cook for cooking them to perfection. For those that have problems with texture, this is not the dish for you. It should come with a choking hazard warning as well; though with that said, I actually enjoyed the meal. 

N Seoul Tower atop Namsan was within a close walking distance to Myeongdong, hence we paid this famous tourist spot a visit. Originally named the Seoul Tower, the ‘N’ was added after its refurbishment a few years ago, referring to the tower being ‘New’.

At the base of the tower was one of three teddy bear museums. Bears of all shapes and sizes were clothed in intricate fabrics, depicting the daily lives of South Koreans from the early times of the Joseon Dynasty to the modern era of today.

The observatory deck, alike many others, took the effort to highlight the directions and distances to major cities in the world. Overlooking Seoul, it was a majestic sight to behold.

Taking a break from shopping and resting our screaming feet, we sat down for some coffee and waffles. I have to say that Koreans make great coffee, though they sometimes are a bit heavy handed with the sugar.

And finally, to complete our Korean adventure, we had our last meal at a buffet barbeque with free flow of vegetables, condiments and meat. The ingredients were fresh and of top quality, rendering an enjoyable meal. At the point when we had to hold on to our stomachs to stop them from busting, we trudged back for a sleepless night of packing.

By far the best trip to South Korea yet, I shall thank my lucky stars for this opportunity to eat, play, see and have the time of my life.