Last days in Adelaide: Hahndorf and Lobethal

The family visited Adelaide for my graduation and one of the must-go places was of course, Hahndorf. Having been there 235784567 times, I am thoroughly surprised that an entry about this famous German town in the heart of the Adelaide Hills have not made an appearance here. My apologies for the delay in introducing this wonderful place.

I never fail to pay a visit to the Hahndorf Inn every single time for lunch. The inn has a front bar with more formal seating in the restaurant at the back. Furnished with polished wood, a big rustic fireplace and heavy tables and chairs, the place just oozed old town German charm, especially with the ubiquitous accordion folk music playing in the background. Upon arrival, the friendly wait staff immediately escorted us to a large table and whipped out menus. Being a loyal customer for the past five years, I recited the selections and settled in for a hearty meal ahead.

Pasta of the day was a creamy fettucine with spinach and mussels. The pasta was cooked al dente. Perfect. The sauce was heavy and creamy with the spinach providing just the right balance of freshness to the flavour.

The ribs were served atop fluffy mash. The marinated pork was slow cooked then chargrilled until tender and flavourful, served bathed in brown sauce. Each morsel was finger-licking awesome.

The Taste of Germany Platter was the star of the day. Never has this giant plate failed to grace my lunch table at Hahndorf. The heavy platter is furnished with a stumpy Bockworst, a skinny and long Vienna sausage , my favourite Weisswurst, a flavourful cheese Kransky, a smokey pork Kassler chop, a deliciously tender pork knuckle, soft and creamy Rhine potatoes, pretzels and sauerkraut. A selection mustard accompany the meal. Oh we were on cloud nine, remembering to remove the visible fats though! The platter was meant for two but five of us finished it comfortably. 

Post lunch, we went for a customary stroll along the pretty Main Street. Whimsical curio shops and cute lolly shops utilising the old cottages litter the street. The entire feeling of Hahndorf was of relaxation and tranquility. I love seeing young families out for a stroll and old couples wondering about aimlessly while holding hands. Such was the feel of Hahndorf, what’s not to love about it?

A short uphill hike away from the Main Street brought us to Beerenberg Strawberry Farm, where you can pick your own strawberries with a three dollar entry. The berries were fresh, sweet and huge, delighting everyone.

As it was nearing Christmas when we visited Hahndorf, we were told that there would be fantastic Christmas lights at Lobethal, about twenty minutes drive away from Hahndorf.

Lobethal is another town of German origins. Nestled in the Adelaide Hills as well, it’s much smaller than Hahndorf with less visitors. The annual Lights of Lobethal draws crowds from everywhere.

We had some good old sausage sizzle, strawberry and cream crepes, spuds and hot chocolate while waiting for darkness to fall. At dusk, cheerful Christmas music began pouring out of the public speakers along the main street of Lobethal. All that’s missing was snow to complete the feeling of Christmas.

After watching a heartwarming show by the local church about the birth of Christ, including real pigeons and donkeys, we headed back to the car to begin the Light show. Following the routes outlined by the brochure, we fell in line of the many cars here for the pretty sight. Houses were decked in lights and Christmas cheer. The entire neighbourhood was lit up with fairy lights, blow-up santas, life-size sleighs and even people dressed up in costumes. It was truly an interesting experience, full of love and Christmas cheer!

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