{Review} Kuching Siew Pau @ Rubber Road, Kuching

Siew pau (pronounced as see-oo pao) literally means burning bun. What siew pau actually is is a baked bun filled with Chinese barbeque pork. Yum! The pastry is light and flaky, made of a combination of water and oil pastry. I once had the urge to make siew pau, but after having a look at the recipe, I decided to just be patient and get my fix when I’m finally home in Kuching.

I got these ones from Kuching Siew Pau at Rubber Road, Kuching. The pastry is beautifully flaky and a tad more buttery than the other places that I’ve tried in town. The outer shell is baked to a crispy brown, giving a slight crunch when you first sink you teeth into this delicacy. Definitely one of my preferred siew pau pastries. The filling, however, is slightly different than expected. Instead of barbeque pork, the siew pau is filled with minced pork. Good but I still prefer the original barbeque version any day.

Another tit bit from Kuching Siew Pau was their curry puffs. Similar to the siew pau, the puffs have the same exquisite pastry. The filling is a mixture of curried meat and potatoes, giving a spicy and fragrant kick. The winning point of the curry puff is definitely its pastry but I’ve had better filling elsewhere. Perhaps it’s a bit too spicy for my tender tastebuds.

If you love your pastry and don’t really mind the fillings, Kuching Siew Pau is the place for you. 🙂

Kuching Siew Pau | Rubber Road | (6082) 429088