{Review} Coffee Alley @ ATT4FUN

Taipei 101, the Eiffel Tower of Taipei, an important landmark for tourists and locals alike. Each year a fireworks spectacle designed with the tower as a focal point, wows the New Year crowd along with various concerts featuring mega stars. A monument that I see on TV almost everyday at home was finally there right in front of my eyes. Oh wow! But the thing is, I reckon that the Petronas Twin Towers look more impressive though. Perhaps I am biased.

As Taipei 101 houses upscale shops like Louis Vuitton, Prada and the likes, we made a quick breeze through then hopped across the road towards ATT4FUN which caters to a younger and hippier crowd.

Consulting our ‘Foods to Try’ list, Coffee Alley’s Ice-cream with Cotton Candy and Espresso made the cut hence we made a beeline for the cafe. Upon arrival, the entire place was packed and as we did not have a reservation, we were made to wait for about half an hour. While waiting, we were given the menu to pore over. Creatively designed like a newspaper, Coffee Alley Post was cleverly eye catching. Taking our orders before we were seated inside the cafe, the service was efficient and flawless.

We had both the cold and warm versions of the Fresh Fruit Tea, by accident and our inefficient communication. The tea was sweet, fruity and a little tart. I personally preferred the cold version which masked the sweetness.

Desserts were the order of the day as the group went crazy as their sweet teeth were calling. There was a platter of warm fluffy waffles served with strawberries, coulis and vanilla ice-cream. More attention-grabbing was the Home Made Brownie topped with a generous scoop of ice cream. The brownie was rich and luscious, garnished with pecans for a more earthy flavour. The warm brownie paired with ice cream resulted in a perfect symbiosis of heat and ice, with the slightly less sweet ice cream cutting through the sweet chocolate of the brownie.

The hero of the day, which was also Coffee Alley’s main attraction, was the Ice Cream with Cotton Candy and Espresso. Served as a majestic mound of airy fluffy cotton candy atop a flat-bottomed bowl and a little sauce dispenser of espresso coffee, this dish was widely circulated and recommended all over the web. To start off, we took a gazillion pictures of course. Then, the coffee is poured atop the cotton candy. As the floss disintegrated, we got a peek at the three beautiful scoops of ice cream topped with nuts under the guise. The dessert looked impressive. Taste-wise it was easily imaginable, vanilla ice cream with a hit of sweet sticky espresso, a pop of nuts and a clear reminiscence of vanished cotton candy. Boy did I wish the cotton candy hadn’t disappeared!

The verdict? Pretty good coffees, okay juices, nice sandwiches, hits and misses with their desserts. And I still missed the cotton candy.