Blast from the past

The Sarawak Club was my usual hang out place since as long as I could remember, until I have to pull up stakes in the name of education to replant myself in Adelaide. I had my first swimming lesson at their pool, pored through books in their library, caught the latest episode of Go Go Power Rangers every Sunday at 7pm in their television room ad of course, had many of my meals there in the past two decades.

The Mainhall @ Sarawak Club was notorious for its ridiculously slow service – one could wait a hour for their fried rice, but oh the fried rice was awesome! – but it seems that nobody really cared since everyone was either busy catching up with each other’s gossip or reading the day’s paper while sipping on an icy ginger ale.

Since its refurbishment a few years ago after the merciless fire, everything seems to run more smoothly. Perhaps the revival of the Club pushed for a better change.

Mum’s favourite Cantonese fried bee hoon is still awesome with its generous portions of beef slices and leafy greens.

Something else unique to the Club is the black bean kueh tiaw – or at least I haven’t came across this before elsewhere. A medley of vegetables such as celery, green peppers, red chillies and onions make up part of the dish alongside thinly sliced succulent strips of beef. The kueh tiaw is bouncy and happily slurped down while swimming in a flavourful pool of black bean sauce.

Another old favourite is the Badger burger, constructed from a tower stack of delicious homemade beef patty, a semi-fried egg, pickles, tomato, lettuce and grilled cheese. Sides of golden fries and slaw make up a hearty albeit slightly unhealthy meal. Ah the good old days.