Guess where?

It is affirmative. I have uprooted myself and have relocated yet again about two months ago. The move was sudden – as in flying two short days after my confirmation – and hence the rude hiatus.

So this is my new home away from home. Singapore. It’s a nice little red hot dot on the world map. Multicultural, fast-paced and pumped all the time. A world away from my beloved idyllic Adelaide. Spending half a decade in a place where strangers smile at you, the weather quite pleasant during most seasons and an abundance of fresh food, it certainly was a hitch in my stride when settling in Singapore. It is hot, stuffy, brash and *gasp* efficient!

As is with the strange renting culture here, it is difficult to find a landlord that allows cooking – how absurd! – so the cooking posts will unfortunately become extinct for a while here. A sad case indeed. Nevertheless, now that I am in a new place, there will be new things to discover, new foods to try, new hang out places to uncover!

Thefoodpolice will now patrol Singapore! As her other *ahem* full-time job is pretty full on, the posts will come less frequent than before but fear not, this place will not go the the gallows!

So until then, toodles and thanks for being patient! 🙂