Pot of luck

Potlucks were all the rage with the gang of gluttons back in Adelaide, when sharing a meal with friends strengthened the bonds and stirred the gossip pools, when food from home has to come from our own kitchens as restaurants were ridiculously priced. It was a great event to have potlucks. The girls challenged themselves with new and more complicated dishes; the boys were under pressure to come up with anything at all. Ah, good times.

As a testament to our Adelaide times, we had a potluck right here in Singapore with mostly the same old gang, save one who is currently based in Hong Kong. To kick start our feast, we had a whole roasted duck from Ubi. I am clueless as to where in Ubi but this duck was magnificent! The skin was roasted to crispy perfection and the flesh underneath was seasoned-through and so tender. Luckily for us, there were only less than a dozen of us to fight over one big duck.

Next up was a pot of gold in the form of delicious home-cooked curry chicken with potatoes. I absolutely love the powdery soft cubes of potatoes boiled to death in a bubbling pot of shockingly red curry, completely infused with all the awesome flavours of Indian spices. The chicken was really good too, yielding and falling off the bone at the slightest touch.

The other chicken dish was a very traditional red yeast rice chicken. A very popular confinement dish, the red yeast rice gives the bright red colour to the chicken and usually some Chinese rice wine is added while cooking, giving it a very delicious punch and kick. This really made me miss my grandma’s cooking.

This baby has no name. Similar to the Hakka abacus seeds, this was an invention of a friend’s very talented mum. The starch component was actually ‘dried’ porridge. The process of making this particular item boggles the brain, I couldn’t keep up when Talented Mum was rattling off the recipe. All I caught was to stir-fry them with garlic, shallots and mushrooms. Yum anyhoos. And that concludes our savoury portion of the night.

On to the desserts and I have to say there were plenty as we were a bunch of sweet teeth. Another of Talented Mum’s creations, this was a Cheng Teng. Chuck full of white fungus, ginko nuts, goji berries, longan fruit and, I believe, barley, this dessert was served ladled from a huge pot into dainty little bowls. As someone that did not grow up with Cheng Teng, and hence has zero inkling for it, I actually loved it! Another kudos to Talented Mum.

Tiramisu graced the table next. Being at home, we all happily dug into the dessert without a care in the world with our spoons. HA! Gooey and boozy goodness with a caffeine kick!

This was a magnificent piece of heaven in the form of coconut, apple and banana bits encased in buttery crusty pastry. Full stop.

These are also little bites of heaven. Saucy chocolate in crumbly pastry. They were literally orgasmic. Apparently they were not only easy on the palate, they were also very lenient on the wallets. They were from a little shop near Teo Heng KTV studio in Katong. That would be all the information I have. Forgive me will you? I’m new.

Of course, the desserts galore continued. With this very nice, very fluffy, very pandan-y chiffon cake from Bengawan Solo. Man it was good. At this point we were very close to bursting our waistlines but since we were already at a point of no return, why not stretch it with some very flavourful Rum and Raisin ice-cream? After all, ice-cream melts into the cracks anyway.

To finish off, we razed through a bowl of strawberries and decided to call it a night. Whew. We survived. 🙂