{Review} Haramiya @ Central

An accidental find this one. We were trampling around Tanjong Pagar then towards Chinatown and finally ending up in Clarke Quay without the slightest inkling of what to have for dinner – don’t you just hate these kind of days, so I put my foot down and turned into the first handy eatery. Hence, we ended up here.

At first glance, I thought it was Japanese. Well, to be fair ‘Japanese BBQ’ or something along the lines was advertised. However, subsequently poring through the menu, I realized that the place leaned more towards Korean than its counterpart across the strait.

First up to the tasting table was a little bowl of salad. It was salad…so I didn’t have much to say about it.

The man’s set meal was the Pork Karubi set which came with miso, rice, chapjae and some sort of jelly/pudding-type dessert.

Taking a closer look at the ‘japchae’, well it looked and tasted more like fried tanghoon (mungbean noodles) instead. A pity they chose to do away with the cellophane noodles. It was a mini plate of tasty fried tanghoon anyhow.

My Sundubu jjiggae came soon after. I got really excited finding at least ten mini clams in the bubbling soup. Even more exciting was finding half a crab buried underneath the loaded stew!

Even more exciting was the meat that we chose for the grill. Here was the man’s Karubi – pork short ribs – with a little button mushroom and a sliver of pumpkin.

Plus another side order of Wagyu. Ooooh! And it was the size of two of my palms and a bit more. Me love red meat.

Steak sizzling on the pristine grill. It’s always handy to have someone fighting to grill your dinner.

And serve it up on your plate all nicely cut up into bite-sized pieces. Look at that perfect pink! The steak was really good, especially after dipping slightly in the restaurant’s purported secret sauce. The Karubi was meltingly tender too and was gone all too quickly off the plate. 😦

I could have done with a bit more food but as we only started eating at 9pm, my system was way out of whack. Hence, the nice and proper serving sizes were just right for my rioting gastric space.

To cool things down a bit, we headed down to Marble Slab Creamery for our customary Big Dipper Plain Waffle frozen dairy fix. This time, it was the Swiss Cocoa Buttercup. Life is good.

Haramiya Japanese BBQ | 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #3-87, The Central, Singapore | (65) 6534 9468

Marble Slab Creamery | 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #01-27, The Central, Singapore | (65) 6224 4278