The beauty of living in Singapore is that this little island is in such an amazing location. It’s your ticket to the world. For one of the long weekends, I chose a little… Continue reading

Pot of luck

Potlucks were all the rage with the gang of gluttons back in Adelaide, when sharing a meal with friends strengthened the bonds and stirred the gossip pools, when food from home has to… Continue reading

{Review} Waistline-busting buffet @ Marriott Cafe

I spy with my little eye…crustaceans from the sea awaiting to grace my dinner plate. Catching your first glimpse at this line-up, did your heart skip a beat? Did you do a little… Continue reading

Guess where?

It is affirmative. I have uprooted myself and have relocated yet again about two months ago. The move was sudden – as in flying two short days after my confirmation – and hence… Continue reading

Blast from the past

The Sarawak Club was my usual hang out place since as long as I could remember, until I have to pull up stakes in the name of education to replant myself in Adelaide.… Continue reading