{Review} Best brekkie in town @ Choon Hui Cafe

A good breakfast makes for a great start to the day, or so the saying goes. The best place for breakfast in Kuching I dare say is Choon Hui Cafe. Situated in a… Continue reading

{Review} Something indigenous @ The Dyak

This is Jani Tunu. A dish recommended by the Chef, it is three-layered fatty pork char-grilled and served with the master’s own blend of sambal and refreshing cucumbers. Mind the artery-clogging heart attack-inducing… Continue reading

{Review} Coffee Alley @ ATT4FUN

Taipei 101, the Eiffel Tower of Taipei, an important landmark for tourists and locals alike. Each year a fireworks spectacle designed with the tower as a focal point, wows the New Year crowd… Continue reading

{Review} Kuching Siew Pau @ Rubber Road, Kuching

Siew pau (pronounced as see-oo pao) literally means burning bun. What siew pau actually is is a baked bun filled with Chinese barbeque pork. Yum! The pastry is light and flaky, made of… Continue reading

{Review} Laksa Sarawak @ Chong Choon Cafe

Some things you will never get in Australia. One of those is the leisure of having a good breakfast at your favourite kopitiam – an affectionate term for the traditional coffee shop – while not… Continue reading